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Portrait Photography

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Acclaimed photographer, Bryan H. Smith, is recognized worldwide for his wildlife and landscape photography of the North American west, and most especially his photographs of British Columbia, Canada.

Formally trained, Bryan is as comfortable shooting portraits as he is Mountain Goats, giving him the versatility to work in a wide variety of venues and formats.

While he now prefers to work with digital SLR photography, his first love is still 35mm and he uses both depending on the needs and conditions of his subjects.

His award winning work has been featured in numerous magazines and books and his CD screen saver and DVD slide shows, with new releases every year, have been enjoyed by thousands around the globe.

Much of Bryan's work is available as stock photos for websites, brochures, magazines and the like, and he is available for private photo shoots on a reservation basis.

To view more of Bryan's work, visit his Website, or contact him for more information.

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