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Graphic and Logo Design

Graphic Design is the art of conveying ideas, thought and emotion into an eye-catching, appealing image. When it comes to business, Deep South Technologies understands it takes the right image to ensure success.

Deep South Technologies offers comprehensive design and layout services for both print and Web media needs. We understand and work daily with all aspects of Web design and Internet commerce, giving us the edge you need to create your image and make it both "web friendly" for the World Wide Web and perfect for the printed page.

Our logo design philosophy is simple - a simple, yet unmistakable design that conveys a bold, strong statement about your business, your values, your goals, in a way that will work as well in black & white as it does in full colour. A Deep South logo not only tells your customers that you are a professional, it also tells them exactly who and what your business represents at a glance.

Haida HedgehogThis strong design concept is visible in every logo and graphic design we build, whether large or small, relying heavily upon the use of good graphic layout and complimentary colour schemes, steering away from the garish and preferring a strong and clear approach.

Reef RunnerWith over 25 years experience as professionally trained graphic artists, working with both digital and traditional mediums, Deep South Technologies has the skills it takes to help you build an image brand for your business, large or small, whatever your budget.
















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